MAC Service 1.8.0

IPD-IMGT/HLA Data Base Release
Error getting IMGT HLA Releases

Encode MAC

Encode - assigns a new MAC if one has not been assigned.

Lookup - does not assign a new MAC.

Nothing has been entered. Please enter a CAL and (or) GL string.

Example CAL: DRB1*13:02/13:36/13:67/13:96/13:109

Example GL String: HLA-DRB5*01:01/HLA-DRB5*02:02/HLA-DRB5*02:04

Decode MAC

Decode - Shows the list for a MAC at a ocus and allele-family.
(This feature does not test allele validity)

Expand - Shows all possible alleles that are inferred by the MAC.
(This feature shows tests for allele validity)

Nothing has been entered. Please enter a MAC or MAC Designation.

Example MAC: YETY

Example MAC Designation: B*08:YETY

Encode/Lookup Results:
Decode/Expand Results: